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Business Internet Access

  • Choose from All Providers
  • Lowest Available Cost
  • QUIK Provides Startup Help
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Electronics Recycling Services

  • Eliminate Data on Discarded Computers
  • Licensed Disposal Facilities
  • EPA Certificates Available
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Data Backup Services

  • Data Backup May Be Your Best Ever Decision
  • Managed Backup and Recovery
  • Data Must Be a Priority
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Turnkey No Investment Services

  • Fee Based Business Data Systems
  • No Investment Required
  • Hardware, Software, Maintenance All Included
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Computers & Networks

  • Custom Servers & Computers
  • QUIK Designs Data Networks
  • Wired/Wireless LAN Upgrades
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E-Mail – Websites

  • Find New and Repeat Customers
  • Great Websites At Low Cost
  • Professional “.com” E-mail
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Computer Repair & Technical Support

  • Call QUIK for Computer Help
  • Remote Repair Over Internet
  • Service Calls & Shop Repair