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Internet Domain Registration and Management

    • The process for creation, registration, and management of Internet Domains is specified in detail by global policies agreed by all countries.
    • There are many registration companies (Registrars) who operate their services under the global policies using their own internal operating procedures. For this reason, there are some differences in managing a domain under one registrar or another.
    • QUIK IT Dept. takes the guesswork out of domain registrations by providing registration management service as part of our website hosting and private e-mail services.

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Private E-Mail Service (Starts at $19.99 per month)

    • Identify and brand your business or organization with your own .com (or other domain extension) e-mail address.
    • Never worry about changing e-mail addresses when Internet access providers are replaced.
    • Technical support for your computers and mobile devices is included.
    • New e-mail service is up and running in 24 hours.
    • Website hosting and private e-mail are included in one package.

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Website Hosting Service (Starts at $19.99 per month)

    • New domains are created and installed within 24 hours.
    • Includes private e-mail service in one package.
    • Existing website content is moved for you by our experts.
    • Installation of WordPress or other HTML generators is available as needed.
    • Technical support is provided for you or your web designer when needed.
    • We host and support display sites, interactive sites, and e-commerce sites.

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Website Design, Updating, and Technical Support

    • Custom packages for small business and organizations.
    • Expert assistance with creation of a complete scope of work and the installation of text and artistic content for your website.
    • Expert web designers create artistic content to match your business and impress your desired visitors.
    • Fixed price quotes are provide for every project.
    • Monthly fee arrangements are available for content updating and search engine optimization.

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