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Internet Domain Management Service

QUIK Internet offers a unique and valuable service involving the registration of Internet Domains. First offered by QUIK early 2003, it has been a great success in addressing the following issues experienced by our customers. This service is normally included at no charge for our web hosting and private e-mail customers.

Image domain-manegment

  • Preventing expiration of Internet Domain Registrations due to non-payment of annual registration fees. This usually occurs due to simple oversight by the customer, disregarding paper and e-mail notices from the registrar, or expiration of credit cards provided to the Registrar.
  • Loss of access to Domain Registration settings due to forgotten passwords, cancellation of contact administrator e-mail addresses on file with the Domain Registrar, or simply inexperience with the Internet Registry Procedures.
  • Loss of ownership for the registered Domains due to separation of persons listed as Registrants or Administrative contacts who cannot be contacted or who refuse to allow access to the Registration accounts.
  • Allowing immediate access to make changes to the Web Hosting or E-Mail service. This may include changes to contact information, web site redirections, and special IP Address routing requirements.
  • Providing immediate registration and availability of new Internet Domains.
  • Reducing cost for the Registration. (We include this service in the Web Hosting Fee for our customers.)
  • Eliminating fraudulent attempts by third parties to initiate transfer of Registrations, sell unneeded or non-existing services, or obtain financial or business information. This is usually done by contacting listed Registrants or Administrator contacts by e-mail, US Mail, or telephone with false information and requests.


Our procedure is simple and effective.

  • We maintain a wholesale account with a top level Internet Registrar.
  • All customer domains are held in a single account allowing us to manage all aspects of each Domain in a matter of minutes.
  • The Registrant listed for each domain is shown as “customer name c/o QUIK IT Dept..This information may be viewed using the “Who Is” utility on many Registrar websites such as www.enom.com .
  • All other registration information is directed to the Domain Manager at QUIK IT Dept.. No customer information is ever available via the Internet.

Ownership of the Internet Domains:

QUIK IT Dept. is acting as the customer representative to manage the Internet Domain as a part of our service. The cost for this service includes the registration fees and is normally included in the web hosting fee that we charge.

The customer may elect to move the Registration to another Registrar of their choosing. Upon request, QUIK will provide the necessary information to the customer for initiating a transfer of the Domain. The Domain is regarded as property belonging to our customer unless other arrangements have been made as part of a written contract on file with QUIK.

Customers who prefer to manage and pay fees for their domains are welcome to use our hosting, e-mail, and website design services without our free management service.

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