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Private E-Mail Service – Enterprise Level

Private e-mail is provided using Internet Domain Names (@mydomain.com) which are registered, managed, and restricted for use by a specific business, organization or group of end users.

The number of mail boxes on a private domain is not limited.

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Why Use QUIK IT Dept. Private E-Mail?

  • Business or organizational branding by use of the domain name.
  • Establishes reputation as a high end technology based organization.
  • Ability to change Internet access providers without affecting e-mail service.
  • Reliability.
  • Management of SPAM and unwanted e-mail contacts. (Automatic Filtering)
  • Optional capability to receive mail only from pre-approved addresses.
  • Whitelist capability for important contact addresses.
  • Large (10GB) mail boxes.
  • Fully supported startup and trouble resolution.
  • Organizational control over ownership of e-mail as intellectual property.
  • Experienced support for delivery problems involving the private domain.
  • Avoid problems with delivery of your messages to filtered networks.
  • Data Security from inspection by free e-mail providers.
  • Private web interface to view mail and filtered messages from any computer.
  • Supports configuration for POP3 and IMAP capable receiving devices.
  • Private E-Mail is also available for your previously registered domains.
  • Multilingual web based mail boxes are capable of English, Spanish, and French.

What is the Cost for QUIK IT Dept. Private E-Mail?

Start-up Fee – Zero

Start-up Package – $19.99 per month (5 mail boxes)
Additional Mail Boxes – $2.00 per month each
Includes Domain registration fees*
Domain management*
Startup Support by telephone and remote computer access.
Customer technical support for device configuration and trouble resolution.

*Note: Our private e-mail service is available for existing registered domains regardless of the registrar or web hosting provider.
Contact us to make it happen.

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