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Our company began as QUIK Internet of Houston in 1998. We grew rapidly as a full line Internet Service Provider (ISP) with customers located in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, California and several other states. Our ISP interests included becoming one of the first in Texas to offer DSL high speed Internet Access. We also provided private T-1 business high speed to companies involved in the US Space Program.

Technical expertise gathered to provide Internet Access, Web Hosting, E-Mail, Web Site Design, Data Back-up, Network Design, and electronics Repair allowed us a wide range of business and residential customers. Today, we operate as QUIK IT Dept. and QUIK Internet to service customers with a full menu of services. We design, build, and maintain all aspects of Internet Communication and Data Processing.

Our goal is to establish long term relationships with customers who require reliable computer systems and Internet services at a fair price.

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E-Mail houston@quikus.com

Office Telephone 979-297-5923

Toll Free Telephone 888-810-7845

Office Address 100 Parking Way, Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Mailing Address PO Box 3189, Lake Jackson, TX 7566

Our Primary Staff:

Cory DuBose

Tim Scheurer

Joel Langhoff.