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QUIK IT Dept. Website Development

QUIK IT Dept. offers a process for creating websites with a minimum of involvement and time by the customer. Our designs are focused on providing value to clients by website functional performance while presenting impressive artistic content.

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The QUIK website design process involves three phases.

Phase 1
Defining functions required of the website and expected deliverable results described by the client. This phase involves discussion between the client and a QUIK design planning specialist. In most cases, simple discussion and submittal of existing documents, pictures, and graphics by the client is all that is necessary.

Phase 2
QUIK prepares a written scope of work which defines the website structure, content, and functional capabilities. The scope is exchanged and adjusted to result in a common understanding between the client and QUIK. A lump sum quote for the project is then submitted to the client for approval.

Phase 3
QUIK adds an artistic content and HTML designer with an appropriate skillset to support the approved scope of work. The website is created by our team. The result is a clean design offering attractive looks, efficient operation, and desirable technical features.

Typical features found in our website designs:

  • Static information and pictures (display website).
  • Search engine compatibility.
  • Mobile device compatibility.
  • Interactive features. (Map directions, order forms, employment applications.
  • E-commerce catalogs and shopping carts.
  • On-line training and skills measurement testing.
  • Product video demonstrations and procedures.
  • Document downloads.
  • Attractive and modern artistic content.
  • Picture galleries.

Frequently asked questions:


What is the lowest price for a custom website?

  • Display websites (3-5 pages) and structures for future expansion typically range $500/$650.

How long does it take to deliver a new website?

  • Construction time varies based on complexity and required testing. Small websites usually are delivered within two weeks.

Will my website appear properly on mobile phones and tablets?

  • Yes it will.

Is there a down payment?

  • An initial payment of 50% is required to begin work after a quote is accepted. The remaining balance is due upon completion.

Will my website be found by the search engines?

  • The website will be constructed with features that support search engine success. However, no guarantee can be made regarding traffic to the website considering unique content or number of competitor websites competing for attention.

Does QUIK offer social media development in addition to websites on the same project?

  • Yes we do.

Will QUIK provide examples of completed website projects?

  • Yes we will. Please contact us to discuss your project and obtain a list of completed websites.