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Shop Services and Repair

    Basic Repair Fees

  • PC Repair Fee (Desktop/Laptop for Single User Profile)

    (Includes basic labor service including operating system reload.)

    (Does not include install of software other than Operating System)


  • PC Testing and Diagnosis Only

    (Included as part of repair fee when repair is authorized.)


    Special Services (Addition to Basic Repair Fee)

  • Disassembly of Laptop case other than access ports.


  • Pickup of PC for in-shop repair.*


  • Delivery and hook-up of PC following shop repair.*


  • Reset of lost user password or profile if required.


  • Expedited In-Shop Repair with Overtime Authorized

    * Additional fees may apply outside Brazoria County.


  • Password Reset on Windows Operating System PC


  • Software Installation (Media or Download without Config.)

    $10.00 ea.

  • Software Installation Requiring Database Transfer

    $20.00 ea.

  • Software Installation Requiring 3rd Party Activation Support

    $25.00 ea.

  • Data Recovery Due to System Reload (Each File Type)

    (Included in Repair Fee – Documents, Contacts, and Photos)

    $10.00 ea

  • Data Recovery from Failed Hard Drive

    (No charge unless data is recovered)

    By Quote

  • Configuration of software applications (PC’s Phones, Etc.)

    (User provided ID, Password, server names, etc.)
    (Includes contacting device support if needed.)

    $25.00 ea.