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QUIK Internet features full support service for our e-mail customers.

The following welcome message includes all information for configuring most e-mail clients (software) and mobile devices.

Our telephone help desk is also available to assist with e-mail setup and user support.

Welcome to QUIK Internet Private E-mail service – Enterprise Level.

Your E-mail address is: username@yourdomainname.com
Your mail box user name is “username”

Note: Type the entire e-mail address as your ID when configuring e-mail software Your password has been established: Please call us at 979-297-5923 or 888-810-7845 Note that this password is used only for your e-mail account The password may be changed by calling our office or from the webmail interface.

Messages may be sent and received using your E-mail Software or the QUIK Webmail Portal at this time.

Using the WEBMAIL PORTAL: Full function e-mail handling from a website.

Type the following into your web browser address bar (“webmail.yourdomainname.xxx) or use the link shown below to view the webmail login screen. http://webmail.yourdomainname.xxx Of particular importance is the “SPAM” folder provided in your webmail portal. The messages contained here have been filtered as probable “SPAM” unsolicited e-mail. It is possible that some messages that you need may be filtered. We recommend that you routinely look in the “SPAM” folder. If you find a message that should be delivered to your inbox, then click the Red colored label shown above the message in the “SPAM” folder that is labeled “This is not SPAM!”. Your message will be delivered and the sender will not be filtered in the future.

The web interface is also used to manage settings for your mail box.
The settings options may be accessed by clicking on the small “Gear” shaped icon top right of the screen viewed after your successful login to webmail.

Please remember that any messages deleted from the web portal will not be available to your computers that are using an E-mail software client to download messages.

Setting up your e-mail software:

  • POP3 Server Name “pop.yourdomainname.xxx”.
  • (POP3 Port: 110)
  • Note: This system also supports IMAP4 for incoming mail when needed.
    The IMAP server name is “IMAP. yourdomainname.xxx” (IMAP Port: 143)

Outgoing Mail Server:

  • SMTP Server Name “smtp. yourdomainname.xxx”.
  • (SMTP Port: 25 or 587)
  • (Both servers require authentication with your user name and password. The user ID is always your entire E-mail address.)

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