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Remote Data Backup Pricing QUIK IT Dept.


  • Required software.
  • Automatic backup with e-mail confirmation.
  • Monitoring of data backup completion or errors.
  • Support for data recovery from the backup when required.
  • Discount of computer repair and data installation service of $25 per hour should a malfunction occur.




Initial installation may require on-site service call to resolve computer malfunctions, select the backup data set, and install backup software. This service call will be discounted $25 per hour from normal fee.

Monthly fees for Remote Backup are based on total size of the stored backup files from all customer computers.

Up to 20GB
Data Stored fee

per month

20 to 50 GB
Data Stored fee

per month

50 to 100GB
Data Stored fee

per month

Over 100GB

plus $0.50 per GB over 100GB