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QUIK IT Dept. New Build Equipment for Business or Residential Systems Computers, Servers, and Networks

QUIK IT Dept. sells most brands of new computers, servers, and network equipment. We also custom build PC Workstations, Gaming Computers, and Business Servers.

We offer professional installation of what we sell

We service what we sell


Brand Name Computers from

  • Lenovo Logo
  • HP Logo
  • Sony Logo
  • Toshiba logo
  • Asus logo
  • Acer logo

New Build Custom Design Personal Computers & Business Work Stations

Business Servers

  • Lenovo Business Servers. QUIK IT Dept. is a Lenovo/IBM authorized partner.
  • New Build Custom Design Business Servers. We feature SuperMicro as our new build platform.

Network Storage Systems

  • Lenovo
  • DLink
  • QNAP
  • Iomega
  • Hp
  • Seagate

Network Routers and Switches:

  • Netgear
  • DLink
  • Cisco
  • TPLink
  • Linksys

Wireless Access Networks

Managed Access Business Wireless Networks.
(Hotels, Large Offices, Medical Facilities)
Contact us to arrange a site visit and signal strength survey at your location.


Wireless Networks for Small Business and Residential Use.

  • Netgear
  • DLink
  • Cisco
  • TPLink
  • Linksys

Power Management Systems: (Battery Backup UPS)

Power management to protect equipment and avoid data loss.

We feature CyberPower as the most cost effective and reliable (UPS) Uninterruptible Power Supply hardware available. This equipment is excellent insurance to protect expensive electronics.
HDTV’s – Audio Systems – Phone Systems – Security Systems

Cellular Telephone Signal Boosters + Antennas:

Improve performance of all 3G and 4G mobile devices in business and home locations of any size

Wilson Electronics

Contact us to arrange a site visit and signal strength survey for your location.